2015 North Star Regional Competition

Come see The Robettes this weekend at the MN North Regional Competition!

2015 Progress

We're getting ready for The MN North Star Regional next week on April 3rd and 4th! The Robettes are hard at work!

This Year's Game: Aerial Assist

This year's game is called Aerial Assist. The aim of Aerial Assist is to work with one's alliance to bring an exercise ball down the field and finally shoot it in a goal; there are 2 low goals and 1 high goal per alliance. Low goal shots are worth 1 point, and high goal shots are worth 10 points!  The field is divided into 3 zones, and each alliance member must possess the ball in a different zone in order to acheive maximum points.

January 11, 2014

After the first week of the build season, we are further on our robot then we have been in past years. Our design is almost finished, the frame for the robot is built. The robot will pick up balls with a roller, then launch the ball with a catapult, while driving with mecanum wheels.

January 4, 2014

Today FIRST revealed the 2014 challenge:  Aerial AssistSM 

We are SO excited!! 

We spent the day reading through the rules, brainstorming, and strategizing.  We finished with some preliminary prototyping and will reconvene when school resumes.

Check out the game animation: Aerial Assist Game Animation – 2014 FRC

December 7, 2013

Today the team attended the local Minnesota SPLASH event, giving 3 presentations and hosting a mentor roundtable.  All of the presentations went very well, with full rooms (standing room only!) and good feedback from the other participants.  The team is very proud of its electrical, programming, and Alpha Test teams for their presentations.  The presentations are available below:



December 2, 2013

The whole team listened as the SPLASH presenters practised their presentations. They then gave them feedback.
The electrical sub-team continued fine tuning their SPLASH presentations.
The mechanical sub-team worked on trying out belts instead of using chains.
The PR sub-team worked on updating website content and Give to the Max thank you cards.
The programming sub-team worked on Alpha code and tested the robot.
The team Captains, Nikki, Madeleine, and Kate, signed letters that would later be sent to sponsors.

November 11, 2013

The Electrical Sub-Team worked on their presentations for SPLASH.
The Mechanical Sub-Team worked on building a new-and-improved cart for the robot in the coming build season.
The Programming Sub-Team edited their code to accomidate different styels of joystick driving.
The Public Relations Sub-Team worked on updating content for the website. 

November 4, 2013

Meeting Summary:
The Electrical Sub-Team finished wiring the Alpha Testing for the robot and started working on their presentation for SPLASH.
The Mechanical Sub-Team fixed the old robot for the Programming Sub-Team to practice with.
The Programming Sub-Team learned more about Java and the basic "Java rules." They also practiced driving an old robot.
The Public Relations Sub-Team made and entered a video in a contest for the Original Pink Box. They also updated the website and worked on their annual sponsor letter and brochure. 

October 14, 2013

The Robettes' season is off to a smashing start! 
The team had its weekly technical meeting today at Opus Hall, the center Visitation constructed for the girls' use this past winter. 
Meeting Summary:


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